Ludvika Stadshotell has operated as a hotel since 1880 and is Ludvikas oldest hotel. However it was not called Ludvika Stadshotell until year 1919 when Ludvika became an official city.
In the early 1900 the hotel was owned by a spinster named Hanna Bergström who was known to be rich but quite mean with her money.
The hotell was rented and managed by the Family Rapp. Eventually the son C. G. Rapp to over the management and later purchased the property. But not before the great fire in 1914 which destroyed the hotel. The fire started in a bakery at the rear of the property. At the time C. G. Rapp was also the firemaster in Ludvika and thus the hotel was rebuilt very carefully. On January 5th 1917 the hotel reopened.
Over the years the hotel has had several owners who has each made their own improvements to the property, but it is C. G. Rapp who had it the longest.
Today Ludvika Stadshotell is owned by the Jenks Family and we hope to be around as long as Mr Rapp. Well, maybe not that long. The chair at the end of the corridor on the top floor is for the sole use of C. G.  Rapp. He does get quite upset if anyone tries to move it
The hotel in the 1930´s
The fire 8th June 1914

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